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Whether you are in need of broken windshield replacement, passenger window replacement, or replacement for a cracked back window we can help. If your window has a crack or chip it could potentially lead to a dangerous situation. When you get in an accident with a cracked windshield there is a higher chance that the window will break into large shards. This is why it is important that you have your windshield evaluated immediately if there is a crack or chip.

When Should You Get Your Cars Glass Replaced?

The answer truly is right away. You may think that there is almost no danger just because the window is cracked, but the honest answer is there is always a danger. Car windshields are designed to take a beating and should be able to withstand some impacts. However, if there is a crack in your window it can cause the window to become weak. This could allow the window to crack under very little force resulting in a dangerous break that could happen while you are driving.

Causes of Chipped Windshields

1. Gravel

Driving down a gravel road or a road with debris on it can potentially lead to a cracked window. This is because the wheels can throw the debris or gravel into the air causing it to make contact with the window. If you are on a gravel road make sure to keep your speed reasonable to reduce the chance of this happening.

2. Hail

Hail has the same effect on you windows as gravel does. It causes chips or cracks, depending on the hail size. If it starts to hail make sure to slow down to ease the impact.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight can cause the metal and other materials around the glass to expand faster than the center of the window. This can cause the glass to crack, or if the glass is already cracked it can make the crack deeper and longer. If you already have a cracked window you should get it replaced immediately to reduce the risk of it breaking.

Replacing Broken Car Windows In Alpharetta, Duluth, and Cumming Georgia

Our team is specially equipped to install new glass in passengers windows, windshields, and rear windows of all types of cars. In addition to this, we can also fix broken window motors and damaged or missing car mirrors. We have been serving the Alpharetta, Cumming, and Duluth Georgia areas for years. Not only can we save you the hassle of having to clean up broken glass, but we can also save you time and money on your automotive glass replacement.

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